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Hairstylist in Springfield VA

It’s almost impossible to recreate a family bond, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known somebody or how memorable the experiences were. A family bond is so unique because the emotions run way deeper than normal, the sacrifices stretch farther than you’d imagine, and the attachment of a relationship means so much. As challenging as it is already is to mimic a family bond, you would think to have a family type bond with your coworkers is out of the question.

Well Frizzles, hair stylists in Springfield VA, is really special because it has some rare qualities that other hair salons don’t have. Frizzles Hair Salon & Spa houses over 40 employees ranging from hair stylists, to nail specialists, to special spa misuses, with over 13 stylists Frizzles is open 7 days a week to be able to manage flexible scheduling for our clients. A characteristic of Frizzles that makes it incomparable to other hair salons is the lone fact that over 20 employees have been working together for over 20 years. Now if you’re still not convinced that this doesn’t speak volumes about the nature and atmosphere of Frizzles then we’d love for you to come in and experience it for yourself.

With our clientele base ranging over 30,000 plus, just about more than 50% of our client base has been returning to us for over 40+ years! We don’t just care about our clients’ hair; we care about our relationship with the clients. The stories that are shared, the laughs that are heard from every part of the shop and the aroma of kindness everywhere makes every second of your Frizzles experience heartwarming.

Now don’t get things twisted everything has flaws, with that being said, as a new client you might hear things that you only hear at home you won’t always be around standard professionalism in Frizzles, that’s only because of how comfortable our employees as well as our clients are with each other. We keep things real and sometimes that leads to bickering and debating of things but all in all at the end of the day there is always a solution and everybody is satisfied.

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